League Of Legends Space Groove Event Kicks Off April 1 (3)

Riot Games has mastered the the free-to-play format with League of Legends by selling enticing skins, emotes, and other cosmetics for players to flaunt collection prowess. It’s a model that has made League of Legends one of the top games on the market, and players in North America have enjoyed steady prices on the currency used to purchase these skins. However, as prices rise pretty much everywhere, Riot Games is following suit by raising the price of Riot Points for North America in both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

This increase in Riot Points price will start on August 19 for both League of Legends and TFT. Riot Points and TFT Coin Prices will “increase in most Riot regions to account for worldwide inflation, currency fluctuations, maintaining fair prices between and within regions, consistency across our products, and other associated cost increases.” That’s a lot of reasons to hike up the price of your in-game currency, but it seems unsurprising as everything gets more expensive in general.


Less bang for your buck

The new prices in North America will increase by approximately 10%, according to Riot Games. Generally, you’ll either have to pay the same amount of money for fewer Riot Points in League of Legends or pay a little bit more for the same amount of Riot Points. Canada is also seeing a slightly higher price increase, following the same model as the pricing changes in North America.

To compensate for this increase, Riot Games is giving double “bonus RP” and “bonus TFT coins” on all Riot Points and TFT purchases from July 14 to July 31. This does not mean you are getting double the Riot Points. You’re only getting double the “bonus RP” (if a bundle claims to add an extra 100 Riot Points on top of 600, for example, you’ll get 200 on top of 600). If you buy in bulk, this is probably the chance for you to stock up on Riot Points before August.  If not, then you’d better get your wallet ready.

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