League of Legends patch 4.19 notes arrive


The latest notes from the League of Legends team have landed as the 2014 season winds down.

These notes are not packed full of Champion changes but there are a few to note. RIOT appear to be taking it a little easier as the 2014 season wraps and work in the 2015 season continues behind the scenes. The 2014 season concludes on 11 November and more details on the end of season rewards can be found on this page. With regards to the Summoner’s Rift the open beta will be “arriving soon”.

Patcher improvements continue with new audio cues so you know when patching is done and there’s some tweaks to Suggested Players based on feedback from the community.

  • Players you’ve honored will now be suggested more frequently and with higher priority
  • The system now looks for players close to your skill level when suggesting friends of friends

Some of the patch notes appear to be missing from the page according to RIOT but players have been assured that the Anivia / Kanna  “cast in direction of cursor” versus “get into range to cast” bug should actually be fixed in the 4.19 update.

You can read the full notes over on the official site but don’t expect too much. Also, do read Tim’s A Dota 2 player tries League of Legends article while you’re here.

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