League of Legends patch 5.4 notes and Bard revealed

A couple League of Legends updates including a new mystical trampy sounding Champion called Bard.

Described by RIOT as a “celestial vagabond”, the Bard is a mysterious fellow who maintains the cosmic equilibrium of Runeterra. He’s a bard so there’s a musical sounding ability called Ancient Chimes which appear granting a burst of speed, the Bard’s presence attracts Meeps which are small spirits that through themselves at enemies, Cosmic Blinding shoots out a spirit energy, Caretaker’s Shrine conjures a health pack that gains power for a few seconds, Magical Journey conjures a portal on a target wall, and finally Tempered Fate places all units in a targeted area.

All the new info can be found over on the League of Legends site which also includes his Synergies with other Champions and explains how this new support Champion is effective on the move.

RIOT has also just released the patch 5,4 notes which are focus on “mage love”:

” Up front: the new +120 AP item is currently slated for a future patch (soon(tm)), but this hasn’t stopped us from working on the few mages that needed help in a post-DFG world. Actually, like we mentioned in the patch 5.2 foreword, the impact of DFG’s removal hasn’t been all that noticeable in champion performance, but there were two we knew would have identity crises (that’s the plural) in the aftermath: Mordekaiser and Veigar.”

A full list of all the changes to Champions, Items and fixes can now be found here.

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