League of Legends to ban trolls and feeders instantly

league of legends

RIOT has been testing out their League of Legends instant ban system and it’s coming to Europe along with tacking negative gameplay.

Players who have been using abusive language racism, sexism, homophobia and “worse” are being dealt with through RIOT’s 14-day or permanent ban system. With testing having been running in North America for a few weeks now, RIOT are launching the same system here in Europe. If all goes to plan the system is set to roll out in other regions also.

RIOT are not done with abusers though because today they revealed they are wanting to tackle “negative gameplay”.

Starting 8/26/2014 in North America, we’ll be rolling out a test system capable of immediately escalating extreme intentional feeders straight to a 14-day or permanent ban. Like our other punishment systems, we’ll start with conservative tests to minimize false positives, and then expand the system to be more aggressive. As with our other experiments, depending on the results, we’ll roll out similar tests to the other servers.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out but it’s a warning to anyone intentionally messing up games by dying constantly on purpose. This will probably take some tweaking to get right and it’s going to require some pretty extensive testing.

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