Star Citizen partnering with Intel for Optane SSDs. Reveal at CitizenCon

Star Citizen partnering with Intel for Optane SSDs. Reveal at CitizenCon

Star Citizen‘s CitizenCon is happening in a few weeks and a leaked Intel document reveals at least one of the announcements expected at this year’s event in Germany.

The document reveals that Intel and RSI (Roberts Space Industries) will be partnering for this Intel Optane 900P SSD reveal at the event and no further information about the SSDs will be released CitizenCon. Intel and CIG have had a relationship for some time and Intel is obviously keen to attach themselves to a game that is supposed to be cutting edge in the PC market. Unfortunately, right now it’s not, but we have to assume that it will be eventually if it gets finished.

With backers continuing to plough cash into Star Citizen despite slow progress, Intel will have spotted a captive audience with a lot of expendable income so why not use it to help shift what will likely be expensive SSDs for the consumer market.

The SSDs will ship with two versions, the 280GHb and 480Gb models and it’s apparently optimised for Star Citizen which sounds like a load of marketing speak purely for the purpose of this event reveal.

We’ll find out more when CitizenCon kicks off on 27 October where CIG will hopefully show something more complete than was shown at Gamescom back in August.

Star Citizen Intel

Thanks Gamers Nexus.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Tufao

      A name like Intel “partnering”(or been paid by RSI with backers money, who knows) certainly will raise confidence of many of fans and possibly new backers fooled by the propaganda, to spend more money in their sales of vaporware (at least 99% of their promises is and will continue to be).
      This project became just a show to milk a few desperate whales.

      • Tinus

        You didn’t wait for Joe_Blobers to give the first positive comment on this ongoing train-wreck. Naughty you. And you seem to have missed the part where you have to tell how brilliant Intel is, since they have developed a SSD that is optimized for a game that currently is in a pre-alpha build stage with about 15% of it’s total functions available and over 3K bugs parked for future fixing. It would seem that Intel basically has developed a SSD that will support the crashing of Star Citizen extra quick. However, every HDD currently available will support that. And how are those remaining gullible backers going to afford this SDD? Since there are still so much pretty pictures left to buy from CIG?

        • Tufao

          I missed many parts. Including the part that RSI probably is paying Intel for the advertise (with backers money), plus offering them the possibility to sell now for these same gullible backers this hardware, since, Intel simply don’t care with such game ever completed or released as promised.
          Most people won’t remember of this deal when RSI close its doors or even if they manage to keep for longer, just making this Scientology-type of show for years ahead.
          So, the risk for Intel to be burned with this is basically the same of SC to be released as promised: Zero.
          I mean. It’s not like these companies really care with the quality of what they are associating their hardwares, making cross-promotion, etc, of their products.
          These big folks just need to have a current market available with disposable income and that’s what SC Whales are.

          For example… was Nvidia burned or lost money or reputation due this:

          Maybe just didn’t sell as they hoped, but definitely they weren’t mentioned in anything related to the flop of such game.

          Intel, AMD or similar doesn’t care.

          • Tinus

            I’m still wondering the details fo the deal. Get a free copy of Scam Shitizen when buying this SDD? So you play for about five minutes the horrible piece of shite that SC now is (and 3.0 won’t change that) and then you never go back. Chris can’t sell you upgrades and more concept pictures then. So sell them thru the CIG webshop maybe? And CIG then getting commission per sold SSD?

            • Joe Blobers

              No fake refund story this time? 🙂 This SSD is just pure marketing. Intel is paying Star Citizen booth since year as they are guys in big corp that are not trolling forum and see what game like SC bring to even a big Corp like Intel. Zero backers involved.

              Intel would have made advertising anyway so better associate their name to a challenging ang best crowfunded of history.

              It is very well known that Intel associated themself to project which have zero future… 🙂

              Keep trolling man.

    • Rasto

      if PCINVASION didn’t lower their credibility enough, with this kind of useless article, readers like Tufao and Tinus come for help.

      • Tinus

        Actually, it was a very good article by PC Invasion. All we did, was adding more information about the biggest failure in crowdfunding history. Apparently, you haven’t read enough about that. May I suggest you take a look at the blogs by Derek Smart? And then come join us at the right side of Scam Shitizen.

        • Joe Blobers

          Biggest failure: 160M$ last day… supposed to colapse in 2015… and every following quarters 🙂

          Keep going!

        • wolfgangjr

          LOL. And your referral to Derek makes you Smart? Hahaha. The game is just fine. I’ll admit many frustrating delays have happened but the game will arrive more elater than sooner. Derek….lol….

        • Robert Kelly

          Derek Smart? Really, as he has been pretty much wrong every time he opens his mouth. Maybe if someone who could successfully make a game said something, then sure. But basing your opinions on what Derek Smart says is akin to getting your stock advice from the garbage man.

          • Tinus

            Yes, I know, you’re here to praise your Lord and Savior. But did you notice how the world around him is coming down now his scam is finally in the open? If not, please, buy one of those limited pictures for $ 750 a piece. Chris can always use more money for his exit strategy. Man, anybody still not seeing that Scam Shitizen will never see the light of day just deserves to get robbed. Idiots. All of them.

    • Torb Inator

      Intel want to be careful associating themselves with this. Star Citizen is a train wreck and gamers are being scammed.

      • Fabian Hawk Esmiol

        Please dereck smart fan guys who don’t understand nothing and telling crap about SC. stay with you lovely dereck and play line of defence!

    • Joe Blobers

      Those refund strory are just what they are: inflated hoax spread by a few trolls. Fake refund story after fake refund story, the last one being 45K$…

      Readers if you plan to join Star Citizen, this is the right time with upcoming 3.0 massive patch. As low as 45$, no more than that.
      3.0 in evocati hands, announce about Squadron 42 (solo) during Holiday SC gaming event mid December. This is all coming to frution and haters/trolls are scared 🙂

      Next stop: CitizenCon on the 27th October in Germany.

    • Andy Remedo

      So much sped in one thread. DS fanboi’s for sure.