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Lethal Company: All items and how to use them

So many to buy

Lethal Company features a lot of items for the players to use, and each one is effective in its own way.

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Buying items in Lethal Company is a major part of the gameplay. After reaching the more difficult moons, you will need to rely heavily on purchased items. So, before facing any kind of confusion, it’d be wise to learn how each and every item in Lethal Company works. In this guide, we will provide you with a list of all items in Lethal Company and how to use them.

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All items in Lethal Company and how to use them

Lethal Company Store Items
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Here is a list of all the equipment that you can use in Lethal Company. Apart from these, there are also ship upgrades and ship decor, which can be found in the shop on the basis of rotation. Here are all the equipable items in Lethal Company.

  • Walkie-talkie (12 credits): You can communicate with your crewmates using the in-game mic. However, you and your teammates can only hear each other if you are in close proximity. The in-game mic will not work if you stay scattered from your team. In this case, the Walkie-talkie comes into use as it allows you to communicate with your crewmates no matter how far you guys are from each other.
  • Flashlight (15 credits): The flashlight is a must-buy item before heading inside the facilities to explore for scraps. There are a lot of dark areas inside the facility which acts as a home to several vicious monsters. However, the normal flashlight has a very weak battery and runs out fast if you use it for too long.
  • Shovel (30 credits): Shovel is mainly used as a weapon in Lethal Company. You can equip one in your hand all the time to keep yourself prepared to defend against any kind of monster. The Shovel is the only weapon item that you can buy from the Terminal store.
  • Lockpicker (20 credits): The lockpicker can be used to open locks installed on the doors of the different rooms in the facility. However, this is not a very useful item as you can get the keys to the lock doors by exploring each moon for a bit.
  • Pro-flashlight (25 credits): The pro-flashlight does the same job as the normal flashlight. However, it has a more durable battery. We definitely recommend taking a pro-flashlight with you instead of the normal flashlight due to the high performance it can provide.
  • Stun grenade (40 credits): As the name says, the stun grenade can be used to stun monsters. You can use the stun grenade on enemies to stun them for a few seconds. This will give you enough time to escape from the monsters and save your life. Moreover, this grenade can also be used for offensive purposes.
  • Boombox (60 credits): When turned on, the boombox will play some music that will attract creatures toward it. You can use it as a method to distract enemies while creating chances for your crews to escape fatal situations.
  • TZP-Inhalant (120 credits): TZP Inhalant is one of the most useful items in Lethal Company. Using the TZP-Inhalant will provide you with a higher movement speed for some seconds. Moreover, your stamina will also increase temporarily, allowing you to carry more weight or sprint greater distances.
  • Zap gun (400 credits): The Zap gun does the same job as the stun grenade. Aim and shoot the zap gun on the monsters to stun them in the place for a few seconds. This creates an opening for you to escape from the monster, or to launch an offensive on it.
  • Jetpack (700 credits): Jetpack is my favorite item among every item from this list. This is an extremely useful and funny item that lets you fly. You can get up in the air and traverse distances using the air thrusters of the Jetpack. However, this item is the costliest item in the store, making it hard to afford for most players.
  • Extension ladder (60 credits): You can get into heights or travel some extra distances by using the Extension Ladder in Lethal Company. This ladder needs to be placed upward and will extend to reach the nearest object for support. This can help you reach high ground in the game pretty easily.
  • Radar-booster (50 credits): The Radar Booster is a useful item that mainly works to get your crewmates back together inside the facility. The Radar Booster needs to be placed in front of the entrance of the facility. This item needs to be controlled by someone using Terminal computer commands while staying inside the Terminal. By giving a ping on the Radar Booster, the entire crew will get guided towards it.

How to buy items in Lethal Company

Buying items in Lethal Company is a very easy process. In order to confirm your order from the store, follow the following process.

  • Go near the Terminal Console.
  • Press “E” to access the console.
  • Type “Store” and press Enter.
  • Type the item that you want to buy and press Enter again.
  • Lastly, type “CONFIRM” and press Enter to confirm your order.
  • If you want to buy multiple items together, type the item’s name followed by the amount you need in the order screen. “Flashlight 3,” for example.

Once you have ordered the items, they will get delivered to you by a care package. On each moon, the care package will drop in a specific location. If you cannot find the package ship, just listen for the funny remix of the classic ice cream truck music playing nearby and follow the sound. This sound is being played by the drop ship that will be needed to be accessed to release your items. But be quick, as the supply drop ship will only linger around for a limited time before launching back into space.

Lethal Company is now available to play on PC. Download the game from here.

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