Lethal Company player learns what a game mechanic is after getting absolutely blasted

Lethal lightning
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Lethal Company has built quite the reputation as one of the more terrifying games to hit the Steam marketplace in a while. But the game also has some other deadly mechanics that one player found out the hard way about.

Player learns about the lighting mechanics the hard way in Lethal Company

It seems obvious, but while there’s a storm raging on a desolate planet, players may not want to be holding a metal tool. Reddit user Accomplished-Drop590 and their friends found out that even if you’re not holding something conducive in your hand, this doesn’t always mean you’re safe.

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You never know when lightning is going to strike. Making a break for it during a storm is a calculated risk you sometimes have to take. It’s just that sometimes it doesn’t pan out. We would also love to see if the bridge at the end of the clip collapsed, as it has in our games, as that little bit of environmental destruction truly makes this island a doozy to navigate.

We applaud their shake-it-off laughter afterward. There is no better feeling than laughing off a disastrous run with your friends.

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