Lies of P: How to swap and upgrade Legion Arms

Lies Of P Legion Arms Guide

One of the coolest parts of Lies of P is the Legion Arms you can build and modify. These arms are comparable to the prosthetic tools from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and they can give you an edge in a lot of encounters. But since Legion Arms can be so useful, they have their own upgrade station and rare materials. So, here’s everything you need to know about swapping and upgrading Legion Arms in Lies of P.

Lies of P: How to upgrade Legion Arms

The very first Legion Arm you’ll get in Lies of P isn’t very special. It’s just a metal arm that you can use to punch enemies. Granted it does a lot of damage at the start, but you’ll get a much better Legion Arm very soon. Speaking to Eugénie in Hotel Krat will reward you with your first proper Legion Arm, the Puppet String. This lets you hook and pull enemies towards you and it’s very cool.

Lies Of P Legion Arms 1

Now in order to upgrade the Legion Arms you’ll need to progress a little further into Lies of P. Specifically, you’ll need to have completed the third area in the game, Venigni Works. Once this is done, Venigni himself will join you at Hotel Krat and set up his workshop just opposite Eugénie. Now you can use the Venigni Craft Machine to switch, craft, and upgrade Legion Arms.

Lies Of P Legion Arms 2

As far as crafting and upgrading the Legion Arms go, it’s a fairly simple process. In order to make new Legion Arms in Lies of P, you’ll Legion Plugs. And then to upgrade the arms you need to use Legion Calibers. You’ll find both of these items as you explore the city of Krat. But they’re fairly rare, so think hard before committing to a new upgrade or Legion Arm.

Lies Of P Legion Arms 3

My personal recommendation for a good Legion Arm in Lies of P is the Aegis. This lets you bring up a shield that explodes and deals damage to an enemy that makes contact with it. For defensive purposes, it’s one of the best tools in the game. And it’ll make some fights against tough enemies and bosses much easier.

Lies of P is now available on PC.

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