Lies of P: Where to find Quartz

Lies Of P Quartz Guide

Lies of P offers a unique leveling system besides the one we’re all familiar with. The P-Organ functions just like a skill tree and lets you unlock unique abilities and huge improvements for your character. But in order to unlock these abilities, you need to have a special material called Quartz. This is a suitably rare and difficult material to find. But in this quick guide, I’ll show you what to look out for on the quest for Quartz in Lies of P.

Lies of P: How to find Quartz

Quartz is often rewarded to you when you defeat minibosses found throughout the game. Once the enemy has been defeated you’ll get a ton of Ergo and a Quartz usually. This isn’t a drop for every miniboss in the game though. For instance, human minibosses usually drop costumes or accessories instead. Each area in Lies of P usually has a few minibosses you can find and they aren’t pushovers normally. So you’ll need to work hard to get Quartz most of the time.

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Sometimes Quartz isn’t necessarily carried by minibosses in Lies of P. Sometimes a really strong enemy without a big boss health bar at the bottom of the screen could carry Quartz. So if there’s a tough enemy in your way, don’t assume that they don’t have Quartz just because the health bar doesn’t appear. To be on the safe side, you should take out every enemy that you see in a level. And if a strong foe is too hard to deal with you can always come back and teach them a lesson later.

It’s not hard to guess at this point, but Quartz is indeed a very rare resource in Lies of P. So you need to be very sure about putting it into abilities that are useful to you. For first-time players, I’d recommend using Quartz to bolster your healing items. Increasing the total amount and healing ability of your Pulse Cells will make the game far easier to progress through.

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