Lightyear Frontier gets a new gameplay trailer at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase

Lightyear Frontier Gameplay Trailer

The Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, had an array of announcements and a lot of gameplay shown off. This includes a Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th anniversary edition, an extended look at Starfield, and much more. During the show, we got confirmation that Lightyear Frontier will release in spring 2023. Not only that, but it will be available on Game Pass from day one. The reveal trailer released almost a year ago, giving fans a glimpse of what is to come. Now, we have been treated to a fresh Lightyear Frontier gameplay trailer, which shows off a little bit more.

The open-world farming exploration game will have crafting, resource gathering, and base building. I mean, what else would you do if you crash landed on to a new planet in a giant mech suit? You play as a giant robot that helps you get around your farm and carry out your everyday tasks such as watering your crops and harvesting materials. Apart from being in command of your tractor, you will be able to customize and upgrade it. Using different tools will unlock even more possibilities.


Discover the secrets of Lightyear Frontier

The game looks colorful and captivating, and there is no doubt that there will be a lot of areas to explore. You will be able to make the new planet your home either solo or with up to three friends who can help your farm thrive. However, the planet can be brutal, as the weather will change with the four seasons. As the gameplay trailer shows, exploring in Lightyear Frontier does not just mean gathering resources. We are promised a mystery which you will have to get to the bottom of.

If the Lightyear Frontier gameplay trailer catches your eye, look out for it on Game Pass or Steam early next year.

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