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While Like a Dragon: Ishin is primarily focused on combat, there are numerous side activities to keep you busy. Some of them involve finding crafting materials so you can have a blacksmith make you better weapons. Some materials, such as Silver Scrap, are difficult to find. Here is our guide explaining how to acquire the Silver Scrap in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Where to acquire the Silver Scrap in Like a Dragon: Ishin

You will need Silver Scrap in order to craft a number of desirable weapons at Kurogane Smithing. These include katanas such as the Close Shave, Crane Princess, Kogarasu-maru, Skink Lizard, and more. Even if you don’t wish to produce a lot of a particular weapon to use yourself, you may want some of them to give to your troopers to power up their abilities. That means you’ll have a recurring need for Silver Scrap. Unfortunately, none of the local shops seem to carry the uncommon material.

To find Silver Scrap, you need to complete missions accessible from the barracks. You may be able to acquire several pieces of scrap on a single run, or you may find none at all.

Like A Dragon Ishin Silver Scrap Mission Reward

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When you head to the barracks, you’ll find the first seven missions available in the Bandits’ Cave region offer Silver Scrap as a potential reward. The first mission is fairly easy to grind, even early in the game. You can run through it a few times to fulfill any immediate need. Once you’re interested in grabbing more scrap at once, turn to Reclaim the Stolen 1,000 Ryo Boxes 1. That mission seems to turn up the most Silver Scrap.

The items you acquire when completing any mission vary, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find Silver Scrap immediately. While you are grinding for materials, make sure to equip troopers you wish to improve, so you take care of more than one objective at the same time.

Like a Dragon: Ishin can be purchased on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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