Starting today, the Epic Games Store will offer Limbo for free until July 25. This offering is in line with their weekly schedule for free games, which have previously included titles like Torchlight, Rebel Galaxy, and Super Meat Boy. After July 25, the company will offer both Moonlighter and This War of Mine for free.

Limbo has made its way to a variety of platforms over the years. If you haven’t had a chance to play this short indie title, now’s a great chance. The slow, dark, and quiet platformer sees a young boy traveling through a hostile world filled with traps, blades, and even large spiders. If anything, Limbo manages to capture that sense of being small in a vast world. It just so happens that this world also wants you dead.

Playdead Games later released Inside, a side-scroller with a similar sense of style as Limbo.


Will Epic make up for its stumbles?

As of today, the Epic Games Store still does not contain a shopping cart or the ability to browse game genres or categories. While the free game offerings are plentiful, will they make up for Epic’s stumbles? On a similar note, Epic promises to cover refund costs for timed store exclusives. So it’s clear that the company is making some effort to please their customers.

Some developers have been candid about the fact that they are happy to take Epic’s money. For smaller publishers, it’s a cutthroat business and a high-risk industry to develop for. If Epic offers a cash incentive for some of these publishers, it’s hard to argue against that. Still, there’s the unanswered question of how many customers will flock to Epic’s storefront. If the company can’t attract a steady customer base, then the cash cow might just dry up. Luckily for most of these indie devs, the exclusivity is timed, so they will likely hop back on Steam once their contract is up.

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