An industry insider known as Thuway or Ahsan Rasheed claims to have got some information via a leak, as to what titles we can expect to see Sony announce in the run up to E3. It should be kept in mind that right now there is no official word on whether or not this leak is legit so don’t set your heart on this, but it’s still pretty exciting. Make the jump to find out more.

Rasheed Tweeted: “Whatever is happening behind the scenes, it’s got people excited.”

He then went on to list the upcoming titles:

Things to look forward to:
-Drive Club updated footage
-PS4 VR + SSM [Sony Santa Monica] New IP
-UC 4 [Uncharted 4]
-Guerilla new IP
-The Last Guardian


As you can see, there are supposedly two new IP’s coming plus the long awaited The Last Guardian which was first announced in 2009 and has been in development hell for a while. The last news we heard of that game was that it was on the back burner which greatly saddened fans of Team ICO. If this leak is legit then I’m thrilled that The Last Guardian may still see release.

Oh and I didn’t make a typo when I listed Uncharted 4 twice, nor did Rasheed. After posting the list of games he Tweeted: “The future for PS4 🙂 oh so good.” His next Tweet then said: “And yes, UC4 was posted twice on purpose.” If the leak is true then what on earth does the inclusion of two Uncharted 4 games mean? Will the game be different on different systems?

As I’ve said this leak could all be false but if it is true then it looks like my piggy bank is going to be empty for some time.

Source: DuelShockers

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