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The demons of Little Hope

Regardless of the choices you made during the vision from the 17th century, Andrew and co. will attempt to leave the house. However, your decisions will still have consequences related to the endings you can get in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. That’s because the remaining demons are still out there.



In a couple of instances (saving Mary or burning the poppet), it seems the “bearings” of the characters have a lot to do with their survival.

This is somewhat similar to Julia’s fate in Man of Medan. If Julia surfaced too early during that game’s diving scene, things don’t bode well for her even though she manages to survive the whole ordeal.

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As such, apart from surviving every demon encounter, you also need to make the correct decisions as you complete Little Hope‘s story. Here’s some key information regarding character bearings:

Taylor Daniel Angela John
Team Taylor – Rather than striking off on her own, Taylor becomes closer to the rest of the group. Homegrown Hero – Daniel proves that he can be more heroic. A Deeper Understanding – Angela becomes more understanding regarding the feelings of others. Authority Figure – John becomes more assertive when leading the group.
Disagreed with John’s plan to head into town; uncertain about this but you could also agree. Took the knife found in the museum. Intrigued by her lookalike. Refused a drink from Vince in the Black Cat Bar.
Agreed to cross the footbridge to find the others. Used the knife to stab the demon outside the church. Put her trust in Andrew to help her get off the shore. Confronted the girl at the covered bridge and led the way across the broken bridge.
Sympathetic to Daniel’s experience in the bell tower. Demanded that the priest let go of Mary. Was Glad that everyone made it off the shore safely. Indignant with the others about sticking together.
Told Daniel to leave her while fighting for her life. Urged Andrew to leave him and let go of the metal bar. Urged John to hurry when confronted by the demons outside the ruined house. Told Andrew to leave him as the demon pounded on the door.

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If you saved Mary

Assuming you saved Mary, the group will exit the house successfully with some caveats. As long as you made the correct decisions when it comes to character bearings, everyone should survive the night.

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If you burned the poppet

This is something I’m uncertain of. It seems that your entire group can still survive (depending on their bearings). Then again, a character might still get killed off (guess who’s watching in case someone dies).

If I were to guess, making the “good” or “positive” dialogue choices (even the ones that don’t change a character’s bearing) will help fix their “locked” character traits. The subsequent ending you could get, depending on your choice regarding Mary, takes those bearings and the number of locked character traits (i.e., aggressive, derisive, resentful) into consideration.

For instance, saving Mary lets a character survive even if two negative traits are still locked. Burning the poppet, meanwhile, requires you to have only one negative trait remaining.

Tdps Endxx Curator

If you condemned Mary

Andrew walks out of the house and something shocking happens. The house crumbles down leaving the rest of the group trapped inside. The demons then start appearing and dragging them to their doom, all while Andrew looks on helplessly.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Finale All Endings Guide 2b

Yes, it looks like condemning Mary will kill anyone else who survived regardless of their bearings or making the correct decisions. You can learn more in our “Dumb Ways to Die” article.

Anyway, after watching this scene, it’s time to move on to the final part of Little Hope‘s endings. This one concerns the stranger and the bus driver.

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