Where to locate the thief in Fortnite and complete the challenge

Fortnite Locate The Thief

Fortnite Season 6 has brought a range of brand new content to the battle royale. This includes a brand new battle pass, merging animals with the world of Fortnite, and more. The arrival of the Fortnite 16.10 update introduced some Spire challenges to the game. One of the challenges requires you to locate a thief in Fortnite. Although the Spire quests appear to have quite a lot of steps involved, they are relatively easy to complete.

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First off, to complete this challenge, you will have to ensure that you have completed the Tarana Spire challenge. At the end of the Tarana challenge, she will reveal that a thief is stealing from her. The thief is revealed to be Raz, and you will have to locate the thief on the map in Fortnite. Head over to Colossal Crops to find Raz and speak to them. This NPC spawns inside the big central northern building in the point of interest. By interacting with Raz, you can select the Spire option and some dialogue will begin.


Play the last log in Fortnite

Your task will be to play the last log, also known as a hidden recording device that can be found in Colossal Crops. To find it, you will have to head down the stairs of the building to find the device glowing on the edge of a wall to the right of the building. Interacting with the device will play the audio log and you will hear a mysterious message. To complete the challenge though, you have to go back and speak to Raz for a final time.

This particular quest will earn you 52,500 XP, so it is definitely worth completing. However, it is important to note that there is a Fortnite bug preventing some players from being able to locate the thief to complete the challenge. Thankfully, Epic Games has indicated that it is working on a fix by adding a note to the Fortnite Trello Board.

Fortnite Locate Thief

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