September 28th, 2018

Indie studio Standing Stones Games taking over LOTRO and DDO

Indie studio Standing Stones Games taking over LOTRO and DDO

Turbine’s involvement in Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online has come to an end.

Both LOTRO and DDO have been around for years but the games have now been acquired by indie standing Standing Stones Games. It sounds more dramatic than it really is because Standing Stone Games includes some of the same personnel that were working on the games at Turbine. Standing Stones Games will now operate as and independent studio with Daybreak Games offering publishing support for both titles.

There will be few changes to day to day operations of both games, Turbine’s involvement will simply cease and Standing Stones Games will take over. Standing Strone Games’ Rob Ciccolini posted:

“We’re embarking on an exciting adventure as Standing Stone Games, a newly-independent studio staffed by people who have been working on DDO and LOTRO for many years. The teams remain very much committed to both games and are thrilled to continue development and operations of these games as an independent studio. This is an opportunity for us to bring about our dreams while still working on two of the biggest licenses in video games. It’s a huge honor, and for you this means your games will continue to grow and improve. We love to focus on games with a high level of depth and scope, and we can’t wait to show you what the future brings.”

An FAQ has been posted covering some of the more common questions regarding these changes.


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