September 5th, 2017

Lords of the Black Sun update adds multiplayer

Lords of the Black Sun - 05

Early Access 4X space-strategy thing Lords of the Black Sun has received a major update, adding in the first iteration of multiplayer.

The 4X space-strategy thing genre is getting kind of crowded and I haven’t delved through it for quite some time, so I’m not quite sure which one Lords of the Black Sun is, but it was apparently formerly known as Star Lords and I imagine Peter has probably played it at some point. Either way, if you pick it up on Early Access, you can now play it with other people. It’s not integrated with Steam lobbies just yet so you’ll have to use LAN or IP connections, and the devs warn that it will probably be buggy and may crash, but it’s nonetheless there and ready for your testing.

But that’s not all, of course. There’s an enlarged Intelligence screen which should display the necessary information more clearly, new techs and ship parts, a rebalanced military tech tree, bug fixes, improved combat, UI improvements, and some general polishing. Which is about what you’d expect from a large-ish beta update, I suppose.

Lords of the Black Sun is currently available on Steam Early Access for £18.99. You can see some brand new screenshots – presumably from this build – below.

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