Lords of the Fallen PC patch 1.1 adds PhysX and Vsync menu toggles

lords of the fallen (6)

Hopefully the frame-rates will be improved a bit by this.

CI Games has pumped out another patch for Lords of the Fallen, giving players the ability to switch off Nvidia’s PhysX-based ‘Turbulence’ and v-sync via the advanced graphics options. For some reason, Turbulence was on by default which will have been causing serious performance issues for AMD cards (which don’t even use PhysX.)

The new patch should download automatically through Steam. Try restarting the client or verifying your game cache if the patch isn’t appearing.

In order to turn off Nvidia Turbulence post-patch, do the following:

1. Launch the game
2. Enter advanced settings in options menu
3. Select ‘Nvidia turbulence’
4. Switch the option to ‘disabled’
5. Apply changes
6. Restart the game

If the settings aren’t “sticking,” the developers recommend changing the graphics settings with a gamepad. Apparently there’s a known bug (which will be fixed in a later patch,) where altering graphics settings with mouse and keyboard doesn’t save the changes.

This patch mostly takes care of the settings.ini changes people have been making (turning off v-sync, etc,) but you can still uncap the game’s frame-rate by following the method I wrote up last night.

Having just given this new patch a try (and switched off Turbulence,) I don’t really notice any performance changes. Frame-rates are still a bit crap in outdoor areas. Your experience may be different.

If you need a hand with any of the Lords of the Fallen bosses, have a read of the IncGamers guide to tackling them.