It should come as little surprise that Mafia 3 was revealed in a more substantial way at Gamescom, as 2K had said that was exactly the plan.

The CG trailer (no gameplay, sadly) and accompanying details confirm that the third installment in the series will be making the switch to New Orleans. Or “Norlins,” if your name is Gabriel Knight. The year is now 1968, which gives new development studio Hanger 13 a good excuse to splash the licensed music budget around.

Hendrix and The Animals both appear in the trailer. If you’re feeling pedantic (and I am,) that should mean Mafia 3 takes place quite late in 1968, because Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” cover wasn’t released until September of that year.

Anyway, that’s the by-the-by. Or by-the-Bayou, as much of the trailer takes place in the swampy outskirts of New Orleans. Protagonist (and former Vietnam soldier) Lincoln Clay has a lot to say about family. He’s fallen in with the black Mob, and very much fallen out with the Italian Mob. That’s unfortunate news for the guy he has tied up in his car.

Mafia 3 is promising a “cinematic narrative that responds to player choice,” set in what sounds like a pretty open city of New Orleans. At the very least it’s said to be one which “responds to Lincoln’s actions,” as he sets about getting revenge on the Italian mob and setting up his own criminal network.

Here’s the trailer, which also features a last minute appearance from Mafia 2’s Vito. A few images follow beneath that.

Mafia 3 is due in 2016.

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