June 22nd, 2017

Magicka’s very final DLC, Dungeons & Gargoyles, launches

Magicka’s very final DLC, Dungeons & Gargoyles, launches
Magicka The Other Side of the Coin (1)
This is not Dungeons & Gargoyles. This is The Other Side of the Coin. Sorry. It’s still Magicka, though.

I never thought I’d see the day, but apparently Paradox and Arrowhead are done with the original Magicka. Today marks the release of Dungeons & Gargoyles, touted as “the very last piece of DLC for Magicka.”

Magicka: Dungeons & Gargoyles continues and concludes the Dungeons & Daemons expansion, seeing players trapped in the buried city of Old Aldrheim and looking for a way out. Expect new monsters, new jokes, and a new plot that explores just what happened to this doomed town. And also probably gargoyles. Either way, you’re invited to discover the horrible truth… and kill it.

This isn’t actually all, though, as today also marks the release of Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet, a PC conversion of what was apparently a mobile game. I have no idea what it actually is, but it’s on Steam for £3.99.

You can pick up Magicka: Dungeons & Gargoyles for £2.99 right now, and there’s a launch trailer below.

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