Maingear Forma Gt Headrest

Custom gaming PC maker Maingear is stepping out of its usual selection of tricked out desktop and notebook computer systems with the Forma Gaming Chair. This racing seat-style chair comes in two different styles, the Forma R and the Forma GT. The latter is bigger, with a wide, deeply contoured seat and a larger back that’s more tapered at the head. The seat also sports a diamond stitched pattern. Other than that, both chairs have the same features and can be purchased from the Maingear website or at Micro Center retail stores for $350 USD.

It makes sense for Maingear to grow beyond computers and backpacks. If you’re going to spend hours sitting in front of a desk playing PC games, you might as well do it comfortably.

Maingear Forma Gaming Chairs

Kicking back on the Maingear Forma GT gaming chair

Capable of supporting about 350 lbs, there’s no question that this is a heavy-duty chair. Assembly is relatively straightforward and didn’t require any additional tools besides what came in the box, but I did need a second pair of hands to help fit everything together.

As expected, most of the weight is at the aluminum alloy base, which keeps it balanced even when I sat on the seat’s edge. There are five wheels at the bottom that have just the right amount of resistance on them so that the chair doesn’t roll around too easily while gaming.

Maingear Forma Gt Front Back View

Other features include leather upholstery and some minimal branding. “Maingear” is stitched across the headrest and is prominently seen on one of the chair legs. Other than that, the Maingear logo adorns the headrest and lumbar pillows.

The Forma GT features firm padding that’s partially offset by the included memory foam headrest and lumbar support pillow. Both are excellent accessories, and they’re soft enough to nap on. However, the lumbar support doesn’t have an elastic band, so it fell out of place each time I got up or shifted too far forward. At the same time, the 22-inch seat is a little too deep for my taste when the pillow isn’t there.

Additionally, the seat can be also be reclined 165 degrees in a full laid back position, which is fantastic for kicking back and watching videos. Add an ottoman to lift your legs and you could probably take a quick nap in the chair in-between gaming marathons.

The wide plastic armrests can be set high to fully support my elbow as I move the mouse around. There’s a bit of padding on the armrests that’s coated in plastic, which should last through plenty of wear and tear, but it’s not as comfortable as the rest of the chair. The downside is that even when they’re fully extended inwards, they’re only just within reach of my elbows when resting at my sides. The armrests are probably better suited for the Forma R, which has a narrower seat, but I don’t think it would have hurt to have them extend a little further.

Maingear Forma Gt Measurements

A big and tall gaming chair

All things considered, the Maingear Forma GT is a comfortable, high-quality gaming chair, and you can hardly ask for anything more.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the Forma GT is designed specifically for big and tall individuals, while the Forma R is meant for average-sized users. But the product descriptions on the Maingear website don’t explicitly state this fact, nor do they have height recommendations. Instead, it simply states that the Forma R is “standard” sized while the Forma GT is larger.

I’m 5’9” and my feet didn’t rest completely flat with the seat lowered all the down. My heels were about two inches off the floor when sitting in it with the back fully upright. Using the lumbar support pillow reduced the distance to one inch, which is still uncomfortable enough for me to get a footrest. Otherwise, I’d be sitting on the chair’s edge the whole time.

So, chalk it up to the perils of online shopping. My recommendation is to head over to a Micro Center and try out both chairs before deciding which one to get.

Otherwise, the Forma series is a near perfect, and essential, addition to any PC gamer’s setup if you’re in the market for a premium gaming chair.


Maingear expertly steps from desktop computer and notebook designs to gaming chairs, delivering a seat that's both stylish and comfortable. Just be aware of which model is best for you.

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