If Rockstar’s cunning plan was to delay the PC version of GTA 5 so much that people double-dipped with console versions, it was only a partial success on the IncGamers readership.

    Our poll last week asked people whether the PC release of GTA 5 would be the first one they own. The initial 360 and PS3 versions of the game came out all the way back in September 2013 (over a year and a half ago,) so the PC port has been a long time in coming.

    That didn’t deter 55% of the 1,500 or so who responded to the poll, however. They all said that the PC version of GTA 5 would be “the only one I need” and managed to resist buying a copy on another platform.

    22% stated that they bought it on 360 or PS3 back in 2013, because “it was clearly going to take FOREVER to get to PC.” Difficult to argue with that really, since it did indeed take bloody ages.

    Interestingly, only 3% say they purchased it for PS4 or Xbox One; presumably because (although it ended up a little bit more delayed) the PC release was confirmed at the same time as these versions. This percentage is also slightly misleading, as replies to the next statement include PS4/Xbox One owners as well.

    5% have some serious issues with money, because they bought it “on about five different systems.” Still, at least they can spend time doing detailed visual analysis between each and every platform release.

    The remaining 14% “don’t care about GTA 5 at all.” They probably didn’t appreciate our blanket coverage over the past few days, then. Sorry folks.

    Here are the final tallies. They’ll be a new opinion poll up in due course.

    [poll id=”29″]

    Peter Parrish

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