It’s going to be a rough month for Xbox fans, at least online. Titanfall may have topped NPD’s sales charts, but it did so in a March that’s seen software sales down year on year. It definitely wasn’t enough to raise Xbox One sales enough.

In reaction, Microsoft released a statement announcing that they have five million Xbox One consoles ‘sold-in’ to retailers.

So, we did not have to bring this up, but with PS4 hitting that 7 million milestone, they were of course the top selling console in the US. Xbox One apparently sold 311,000 units, and Xbox 360 111,000 units. In terms of the industry year on year, retail sales are up 3 %, software down 28 %. and hardware up 78 %.

These numbers are also a stark contrast to just the month before, when Xbox One matched 90 % of PS4’s shipments. That was enough units sold for Microsoft to have made more money on their console than Sony.

NPD has been oddly quiet about Nintendo figures, leading me to suspect that the company has deliberately instructed them to no longer share those numbers. PS4’s sophomore performance is still a far cry from what the 3DS has accomplished, so they may simply no longer care to subject themselves to the public scrutiny Xbox is going to get for the month.


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