Marvel Snap How to get and equip Titles

Card-based video games have been tremendously popular over the years, and the latest sensation seems to be Marvel Snap. The newest card game from the Marvel brand has found an audience thanks to its simple but refreshing take on the genre. It also offers players content and customization options, such as Titles. Here is how to get and equip Titles in Marvel Snap.

Upgrading your collection level in Marvel Snap allows you to obtain rarer versions of cards you already possess. It’s a great way to show off your shiny new cards, but you can also soup up your profile with an impressive Title.

How to get and equip Titles in Marvel Snap

Titles in Marvel Snap refer to a phrase that is visible underneath your name. Other players can see this during a match, and it serves as a fun way to show off what you’ve unlocked.

To unlock a new Title, you can look no further than the Battle Pass. By progressing through the Battle Pass, you will unlock new Titles with some examples in The Power Cosmic Season Pass being ‘That’s No Moon’ and ‘The Silver Couch Surfer.’ If you’re willing to spend the money, you can also obtain new Marvel Snap Titles by purchasing premium bundles that contain Titles you won’t find in other places.

For players happy to earn by playing, there are some other options. Players who reach collection level 1,000 or more can begin to get their hands on Collector’s Reserves. These are loot boxes that can contain Titles as well as other goodies like such as Credits. Finally, you can be awarded Titles for reaching certain milestones in ranked play.

To equip a shiny new Title, go to the main menu and select your player icon at the top. Next, click on “Title” in the bottom-right corner and simply choose the Title you wish to have equipped. To do this, click on ‘Rock it.’

Marvel Snap Card Variants And Titles

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