Marvel Snap is getting its PvP Battle Mode update later in January

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Marvel video game tie-ins have had a small resurgence in recent times. They aren’t necessarily big AAA juggernauts that we’ve seen in the past. But, Marvel Snap has everything your digital trading card heart desires. And soon, Marvel Snap will get its anticipated PvP Battle Mode expected later this month.

The update news for the PvP mode isn’t the only thing that developer Second Dinner announced in a blog update. It provides more information about the Series Drop. The drop will also move “some” Marvel Snap Series 5 cards to Series 4, along with dropping Series 4 cards to Series 3. The team does indicate which of the cards will be dropping from Series 5 to Series 4, those being Valkyrie, Super-Skrull, Bast, Shuri, and Black Panther.

Marvel Snap Series 5

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With the cards being dropped in Series 5, Second Dinner has also mentioned that these cards will be easier to obtain. However, cards not getting drops are Thanos and Galactus. They will keep their status through the Series Drop. Token improvements and a few other tweaks are also mentioned in the full blog post.

Battle Mode arrives in Marvel Snap this month

As of right now, there is a relatively loose release date for the PvP mode to arrive in Marvel Snap. Second Dinner has mentioned that the Series Drop and Battle Mode should arrive on January 31. The only caveat here is that it may come, and Second Dinner may choose to delay it if problems arise. It notes in the post: “Though if we run into last minute issues we may choose to delay for a little longer to make sure things work correctly.”

Marvel Snap is currently available on Steam. It is part of the Early Access program and is also free to play. The Series Drop update is planned for January 31 with PvP tentatively in tow if no problems arise.

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