BioWare has confirmed Mass Effect 2 will launch on 29 January in the UK.The sequel to the popular Xbox 360 and PC title pits you once again in the role of Commander Shepard as you travel to numerous planets creating a team of your choice from characters you meet on your journey.Along with the release date BioWare has revealed two pre-order incentives which come in the form of special in-game items.Two different sets of armour will be available to the gamer with the first being the powerful Terminus Kit which increases shields and run speed statistics. You will also be given the M-90 Blackstorm Heavy Weapon to help out in the game’s combat sections. Finally the Inferno Armour will be available through a separate pre-order offer. This armour set will increase run speed and negotiation skills for Shepard along with making augmented damage more powerful.No news on which UK retailers will be offering the promotions but check back for further news. Check out what we thought of Mass Effect 2 here.BioWare released two shots showing off the armour sets with the Inferno Armour on the left and the Terminus Kit in the second pic: 

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