Mass Effect 2’s Hovertank DLC In March

BioWare has revealed that Mass Effect 2 will be getting its hovertank towards the end of March, in a DLC pack entitled “Firewalker.”Firewalker, due to hit the Cerberus Network in late March, contains five missions that use the new Hammerhead hovertank.Apparently, the Hammerhead can hover over the battlefield at 120km an hour, and it’s got a guided missile system so that you can hit your targets even when you’re doing some “aggressive maneuvering.”It’ll be free to all Cerberus Network members, which means that anyone who bought an original copy of Mass Effect 2 wil have access to it. Those with pre-owned copies will first have to pay for Cerberus Network access, though.Screenshots below. Have a look at our Mass Effect 2 review to see why the prospect of more DLC excites us, even though Mass Effect’s driving bits were rubbish.

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