BioWare’s Casey Hudson has implied that we might see Mass Effect 3 around late 2011 or early 2012.Mass Effect 2 director Casey Hudson told MTV Multiplayer Blog (thanks, Blues), regarding Mass Effect 3, “We don’t want to take forever with it. We want people to be able to conclude this trilogy, that have been with us over the years.””[Development will be] along the same kind of time frame as Mass Effect 2.”Being the Mass Effect 2 took just over two years from when the first game shipped, that would mean that we should expect to see Mass Effect 3 sometime around March 2012. Allowing for a desired launch timeframe – like, say, Christmas – and depending on how much BioWare wants to improve upon Mass Effect 2 (as the company claims Mass Effect 2 is a vast improvement on Mass Effect 1) we could see it anywhere between late 2011 and summer 2012.That’s a pretty big window, but then, it is still two years off.Mass Effect 2 is due to launch on PC and Xbox 360 next week. How much has Mass Effect 2 improved on the first, you ask? You’ll have to wait for our review, coming early next week, to find that out.For those worried that the end of the Mass Effect trilogy will signal the end of the Mass Effect universe, don’t be – we heard yesterday that we’ll see more games set in the Mass Effect universe.

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