Mass Effect’s lead writer Mac Walters expressed his feelings that most players had no issue with the ending and that the backlash that ensued was due to an extremely vocal minority who felt short-changed by the experience in a recent Q & A session. Walter’s also confirmed that he is busy working on the next Mass Effect game, whilst also revealing that he is working on other projects that we still don’t know about yet.

“Right now I’m actually just working on Mass Effect 4 (I wouldn’t call it 4, I’d just call it the next Mass Effect). It’s coming out of Montreal, I’m also working on other undisclosed things,” – Mac Walters, Mass Effect Lead Writer

He then defended the ending which so many had felt underwhelmed with, which some people may find a little concerning regarding future Mass Effect games. Although Walters is not the original lead writer, he has taken on the role since Mass Effect 2, so while his last ending may have left a bad taste in some peoples mouths, it’s worth noting he also wrote the ending to the most critically acclaimed title in the series too.

[Source: NowGamer]

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