Massive DLC Planned For Mass Effect 2

BioWare has plans for extensive Mass Effect 2 DLC, if rumours are to be believed.Allegedly, an anonymous tipster has dropped Destructoid some images from a Microsoft Expert Zone quiz for retailers, detailing what we can expect from Mass Effect 2 DLC.In terms of “Xbox LIVE Features” the quiz apparently teases “planned episodic content via DLC,” weapon and armour packs, new downloadable characters for the “campaign experience,” new downloadable world, as well as “full campaign expansions for download.”This is in addition to “periodic updates” through Mass Effect 2’s in-game “Cerberus Network.”Which all sounds a bit like the extensive DLC that seems to be planned for Dragon Age: Origins – two years of DLC, they say. Speaking of which, stay tuned for our Dragon Age: Origins review up later today.