Meet the League of Legends player who has no arms (and is a better gamer than you)


Over the years, stories of disabled gamers still managing to whoop able bodied gamers have occasionally hit the news but that doesn’t make this gamers story any less remarkable. Peng Chao from China lost both his arms when he was young but has not let that slow him down one bit. Not only is Chao able to everything you could with his feet, he has also aced his school exams and has also became a seriously great gamer.

A big player of League of Legends, Chao has earned a Gold rank which is difficult enough even when you’re playing with your hands. As if this wasn’t achievement enough, Chao says he’s still aiming to achieve the Diamond rank which is awarded to those who surpass ethe Gold rank. You can read Chao’s story¬†HERE.

Paul Younger
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