Metal Hellsinger DLC Wings Fireballs

The Outsiders’ rhythm first-person shooter Metal: Hellsinger has been out for nearly six months now, and it turned out reasonably successful. It boasts a respectable score of 79 on Metacritic, but judging by the Steam user reviews, Metal: Hellsinger resonated with players quite a bit. Coming strong with an “Overwhelmingly Positive” Steam rating based on over 7,000 reviews, the game impressed many players with its intense metal soundtrack and its rhythmic Doom-esque gameplay. And luckily for those players, they will soon have further incentive to return to the game and jam out once more. This morning, the official Metal: Hellsinger Twitter account unveiled the game’s very first DLC, which goes by the name Dream of the Beast.

Judging by the announcement tweet, this DLC will not introduce too much new content to the game. Two of the DLC’s main features include three additional skins and a new weapon, with no information on what this weapon will look like. The major new feature advertised in the tweet comes in the form of two new songs, one performed by Lacuna Coil singer Cristina Scabbia and another sung by Will Ramos of Lorna Shore.

Metal: Hellsinger DLC brings more to sing about

According to Metal: Hellsinger‘s Steam page, the game has players controlling The Unknown, a human-demon hybrid on a quest for vengeance. This fearsome individual battles multiple demon hordes throughout the eight domains of Hell to ultimately confront the Red Judge at the end of it all. Being a rhythm FPS, the game encourages players to fire their weapons to the beat so that they cause more carnage and enhance the music.

Although the DLC won’t blow people away in terms of content density, Metal: Hellsinger fans will likely appreciate its additions regardless. The announcement tweet says that players can get a hold of this DLC on March 29, a little over three weeks from now.

Metal Hellsinger DLC Snowy Area

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