Many have known that Microsoft will release another console at some point. Considering what a success the console has been it would be pretty silly not to make another system. Microsoft have also been pretty eager to avoid confirming this for a long time too, until now that is.

General manager of Windows Live, Brian Hall, mentioned the new console to The Verge last week in a podcast.

“We did this- we’ve had Hotmail for- and operated Hotmail for about 16 years. We obviously have Exchange, and Outlook that people use at work, We just decided it was time to do something new and bring the best from each of those- put them together and release it right in time for the new wave of products that we have coming out with Windows 8, with the new version of Office, with the new Windows Phone and the new Xbox.”

Of course we have been hearing about the console for quite a while anyway so this shouldn’t really be much of a shock. The console which, is code-named Durango, has been the focus of many gaming articles and even had a 56-page document leaked across the internet which included sketches and details of the next Xbox. Microsoft of course tried to get the document pulled from the many sites it had been posted to.

With confirmation of the new Xbox from Microsoft perhaps this can be taken as an indication that the systems release isn’t too far away anymore.


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