Joshua Howard, executive producer on Microsoft Flight, has confirmed that the game/simulator/girlfriend-evictor will include “multiplayer matches” of up to 16 players. 
According to Howard, “players can team up with friends in the LIVE community to fly and explore terrain together.”
The confirmation came in an interview with RPS, in which he also tried to alleviate fears that the game would be too casual for the hardcore Microsoft Flight Simulator audience.
“Microsoft Flight leverages the best of what core fans have always loved about the franchise; there are a variety of ways to fly with better aircraft models and better graphics than ever before.
“We’re aiming to honor the legacy of the Flight Simulator franchise while also expanding the experience to brand new audiences. It’s about growing the experience, not watering it down. Many of the hardcore beta testers tell us that once they fly in Flight (especially with the flight assists turned off), they can’t imagine going back – the authenticity of the flight model is better than it’s ever been.”
Source: RPS

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