Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor sets loose The Bright Lord DLC


The prequel/flashback DLC The Bright Lord has been released today for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, giving you a chance to play as the doomed Celebrimbor. Taking place thousands of Tolkien-years before the main events of Shadow of Mordor, this add-on lets you go through the ring-rumble between Celebrimbor and Sauron.

Monolith says the campaign will have 10 story missions, and an elite orc army with “powerful” warriors and upgraded abilities. I’m sure their heads will come off their shoulders all the same.

Celebrimbor will be using the One Ring throughout The Bright Lord, which you’d imagine would give him a bit of an advantage. As if invisibility wasn’t helpful enough, the DLC will also give you “deadly new Elven Archery abilities with a rapid fire bow” and new ways to dominate enemies (including something called Shadow Brand.)

If you want to go back to the main Shadow of Mordor campaign and use a Celebrimbor skin (as with Lithariel,) you can do that with this DLC as well. That will effectively mean Celebrimbor is talking to himself.

The Bright Lord’s release pretty much wraps up this title’s Season Pass releases. You can buy it separately for $10.00 USD too.

Hopefully it won’t all end with a quick-time event, because that would be an awful way to conclude an otherwise quite satisfying game.