Where to obtain Midna’s Helmet in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears Of The Kingdom Midna's Helmet Inventory Screen

One of the secret cosmetic items you can find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom comes in the form of Midna’s Helmet. Aside from serving as a clear nod to a fan-favorite character from Twilight Princess, Midna’s Helmet sports some valuable gameplay benefits. For one, it has a fixed defense stat of 7 which, while not outstanding, can come in handy during the early game. More importantly, though, it provides a hearts’ worth of protection against gloom, an especially useful perk for exploring the Depths. As you might expect, however, you have to go a bit out of the way to find Midna’s Helmet in Tears of the Kingdom, so here’s where you can do so.

Midna’s Helmet location in Tears of the Kingdom

Midna’s Helmet resides in the far southeast portion of the Depths, specifically in a unique location called the Lone Island Coliseum. You can’t just go straight there while in the Depths, however. First, you need to head over to Eventide Island in the far southeast of the surface. But as you probably remember if you played Breath of the Wild, Eventide Island lies far out into the ocean, so you’ll need a boat to get there. Fortunately, Hateno Beach and other beaches in the southeast usually have some planks of wood, fans, and a steering stick or two lying around, so you can build a boat out of that and set sail.

Once you arrive at Eventide Island, you will immediately notice a chasm on the beach that leads to the Depths. Dive down it and explore until you find the Lone Island Coliseum, which won’t be far from where you enter. Head inside the arena and the gates will shut, forcing you to fight four waves of Bokoblins in succession. Of course, each wave is more challenging than the last, but you’ve been fighting these enemies the whole game, so it’s nothing you shouldn’t be used to by now.

After you defeat all four waves, a chest containing Midna’s Helmet will become available for you to open. So far, Midna’s Helmet has helped a fair bit in my Tears of the Kingdom playthrough, although I expect more powerful armor pieces to overshadow it, especially since the Great Fairies can’t upgrade it.

Tears Of The Kingdom Midna's Helmet Lone Island Coliseum

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