Midnight Ghost Hunt Gameplay e3 2019

The PC Gaming Show is the time to highlight some of the best new games coming to the PC platform in the next few years. One of the stars of the show was Midnight Ghost Hunt. This is a multiplayer game, coming from the one man team at Vaulted Sky, where a group of ghost hunters is sent into a creepy, gothic-styled mansion to rid it of its spectral inhabitants.

The ghosts being targeted can take over various pieces of furniture in the house to hide from the hunters. They can even use the object they possess to attack their pursuers. The trailer released during the PC Gaming Show demonstrates a ghost taking over a decorative suit of armor and chasing down the hunters.

If the ghost hunters capture all of the ghosts before midnight, the hunters win. Otherwise, all of the previously banished ghosts will come back as vengeful spirits and have one last chance at defeating the hunters. The hunters must then band together and fight to survive until they can evacuate the mansion. Matches should take about four real-world minutes to reach midnight, and another four after that before the hunters’ evacuation arrives.

Be sure to check out the trailer below:

Midnight Ghost Hunt currently does not have a release date, but a Steam page for the game is live so you can follow its development. For anyone who is interested in trying the game out, Coffee Stain Studios will be hosting an alpha in the summer. Register for this event over on the game’s website.

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