Run your best wizard hat and cloak through the trouser-press, because Game is hosting some midnight Skyrim launches with added cosplay. The latest in the Elder Scrolls series will be released on 11 November, and to get hold of it as early as possible on the morning of that day (ie; one minute past midnight) you’ll need to get yourself to one of two stores in the UK.
Option one is London’s Game shop in Oxford street, while option two is the Gamestation at Birmingham New Street. The first 250 people to line up at both will get a ‘Skyrim goody bag’, and if you’re one of the first 100 you’ll be picking up a Skyrim strategy guide and music CD too.
If you fancy putting even more effort into winning prizes, you could take part in the cosplay contest that’ll run at both locations. ‘Best cosplay outfit’ (presumably at each store) will win “an Xbox 360, free upgrade to the Skyrim collector’s edition, Skyrim t-shirts, Skyrim strategy guide, Skyrim music CD and Skyrim goody bag”, which is an awful lot of stuff with the prefix Skyrim. Four runners up will win the same, minus the freebie Xbox 360.
But who would be a good person to dress up as? I’ve scoured the IncGamers Skyrim screenshots for some suggestions.

Quite an easy one to manage, I’d imagine. As long as you happen to be a blonde lady, have access to hair dye or, as a guy, are prepared to embrace both your feminine side and chest-stuffing. Difficulty rating: 2/10.

An intermediate choice. You’ll need a good dressing gown, a messenger bag and either a terrible skin condition or a pot of glue and some paper scales to stick on your face. Difficulty rating: 6/10.

Advanced cosplayers only. For this, I’d recommend tucking a willing cat into the front of your shirt and training it to hold its face in front of your own for the entire evening. Not easy. Plus you’ll have to smuggle an axe onto public transport. Difficulty rating: 9/10.

To attempt this little number, you’ll need to consider how to dress up as a large, stone condom (that’s enough cosplay suggestions – Ed).
Ahem. Right, yes. Our very own Tim McDonald is adventuring through Skyrim as we speak, so expect the definitive IncGamers review as soon as the embargo lifts (release day, I believe).

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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