Minecraft developer Markus Persson has put up a survey on his personal tumblr, gauging community interest (or, indeed, approval) of anonymous data collection from players. At present, Persson says, the only data they can really collect is log-ins; and once a player is logged in, the team has no idea what you’re doing.
They’d like to learn a little more than that, and find out things like “current game mode (single player, multiplayer), operating system (windows? mac?), how long you’ve been playing for (so we know how long a game session is), and whether or not you’re playing the downloaded game, or the applet on the webpage”.
All data sent would be anonymous, Persson writes, stating that “it wouldn’t contain any session information or your user name, and it wouldn’t send any sensitive information”.
He then directs people to a single-question poll, asking for their opinion. At the time of writing, a shade over 86% of the 31,000 people responding say “Yes, that sounds cool!”
Source: notch.tumblr.com

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