MMO figures show continued dropoff, WOW dominance

Superdata collated facts and figures for the world’s top MMOs this year, and the results are generally not good.


The marketshare for the genre has not stopped shrinking since 2010, now at 23.4 million active users for this year, versus 30.6 million from that year. In turn, the MMO makers have attempted to offset this revenue wise with microtransactions, and in that area there is growth, from 14 to 27 % in the past five years.


The breakdown in top MMOs shows some gamers are truly loyal, as some genuine relics have stayed on top. WOW continues to dominate by a wide margin. The likes of Lineage, TERA Online, LOTR Online and Star Wars The Old Republic remain relevant enough to join the top 10.

The report also noted the success of TESO and Wildstar seemed to challenge the prevailing microtransaction paradigm, but overall, there is no denying that the genre is in a downswing.

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