Modern Warfare 3 is launching with more than 1,700 weapon camos

Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Camos
Image: Activision

In a recent Call of Duty blog post, it’s been revealed that Modern Warfare 3 will launch with more than 1,700 weapon camos available to collect. Completionists, you have a lot to look forward to.

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Though I personally found the CoD blog detailing weapon camos very confusing, I did glean that we are getting a lot of Modern Warfare 3 weapon camos. Also, there are more ways than ever to unlock them.

To break it down for you, every MW3 primary weapon and handgun has eight base camos, four unlocked via multiplayer and four unlocked via Zombies. In total, there are 18 new base camos.

Since MW3 has a Carry Forward system, the 14 MW2 base camos are carried forward into MW3. These Carry Forward base camos can be unlocked via multiplayer and Zombies. With the 18 base MW3 camos and the 14 base MW2 camos, there are 32 camos there.

When we combine that number of camos with the number of weapons available in MW2 and MW3, we get 834. These are all the weapon camos available at launch; the number will continue to go up. But wait, there’s more!

There are also Completionist Camos in MW3, unlocked via multiplayer and/or Zombies challenges after you unlock the base camo. Once you factor in the number of weapons in MW2 and M3 and the Completionist Camos, you get 912.

If my calculations are correct, the total number of weapons camos in Modern Warfare 3 at launch is 1,746. There are not really 1,746 unique weapon camos in MW3, there are more than 45 weapon camos that apply to every weapon in the game, which gives us a total of 1,746 unlockable camos.

Like I said, where all these camos are, how to get them, and how there are 1,746 isn’t crystal clear to me, but once we get hands-on with CoD, we’ll learn everything.

As a final note on the camos CoD blog post, they ensure that the totals are an estimate and that the number of camos will increase as more weapons are added to the game and more operator bundles come out.

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