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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developers are interacting with players on Twitter about upcoming changes in a new patch, presumably 1.08. The most recent patch promised to fix things that the community had been begging for but failed to do so. Infinity Ward hasn’t revealed a release date for the next patch yet. Two Infinity Ward developers, Ashton Williams and Joe Cecot, have been responsive on Twitter and replying to the community about coming changes. From these discussions, we can glean how the developer is planning to improve Modern Warfare.

Fixing the 725

Before 1.07, the 725 shotgun could literally kill people across Karst River Quarry. After 1.07, the gun can’t quite do that anymore, but it still needs a lot of work. Infinity Ward reduced the range of the gun and increased hip fire and ADS spread to try to prevent it from killing at long range. This solution didn’t work as intended, making it even easier to kill people at close ranges due to needing less accuracy, and it still has one-shot kill potential at ranges it shouldn’t. However, Cecot says the weapon will not be removed.

SnD in the skybox

A glitch exists in Cyber Attack and Search and Destroy that allows the player upon death to see the map from a raised camera angle around where they died. This makes it so that players can sit on the skycam and call out enemies who appear in that location, providing an extremely unfair advantage. Cecot confirmed that this is something the developer is working on fixing.

Max rank can break Modern Warfare

Twitch streamer JoshOG brought this issue to light last night: After completing 95 ribbons on Officer challenges, which is a new feature in Modern Warfare, he is unable to play the game. Upon launch, the game crashes and prevents him from going further. He isn’t the only one experiencing this issue either. Cecot says the next update should correct this.

Proximity problems

Claymores received a much needed nerf in Modern Warfare 1.07, but they have been replaced with other busted equipment. Proximity mines will kill a player despite having EOD on, even though the perk received a buff last patch. This is being looked into as well for patch 1.08.

Challenges rendered impossible

Issues plague the challenge system. From not being able to earn progression to progression being reset after every match, some challenges are impossible to complete. This is something else that is supposed to be addressed in the next patch.

These are some of the most important issues plaguing the game, but by no means are they the only ones. Minor hindrances here and there are experienced differently across certain platforms and players. We can only hope Infinity Ward will iron everything out as quickly as possible.

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