modern warfare november 25 update

Modern Warfare received a small playlist update today. This is the most recent update since patch 1.09, which deployed last week. It’s a very small update, but it does add some good changes to Gun Game and Free-for-all (FFA).

Modern Warfare added the Gun Game mode last week, and now Infinity Ward has implemented a change I have wanted for a long time. At long last, you can queue up in the playlist with a party of up to four friends.

Don’t gun game alone, take these

This hasn’t been a feature in Gun Game since the original Black Ops. Being able to play this with friends is a huge upside to the game mode and one that will allow players to make memories and laughs for years to come. Also, believe it or not, Gun Game bragging rights are worth more than gold. Trust me.

Free-for-all has been added to the Quick Match filtering system in Modern Warfare instead of being its own category. The devs seem to have also fixed the issue where you could join late-progress FFA games, which was extremely frustrating. No more joining into a game with a support helo already murdering everyone.

The spawn cameras for Headquarters and Hardpoint have also been disabled. It’s a minor change but a welcome one. This feature wasn’t very fair, as players could use it to see a large portion of the map and call out enemies. This is much like the skycam issue we saw in Search and Destroy and Cyberattack. It’s nice seeing all these modes have that issue addressed, and I’ll feel more inclined to play the modes now because of it.

price and garrick modern warfare november 25 update

Fix ‘er up

Today’s Modern Warfare update addresses a number of small issues. Nothing major, but all of the fixes are good ones. The bug for E.O.D. not allowing players to hack claymores in FFA has been fixed. The PP19 Bizon thermal optic has also been tweaked along with the laser sights on the P90 and MP5. Spec Ops missions received a minor adjustment to the difficulty, which should hopefully make the missions fairer. Lastly, there were certain out-of-bounds spots on maps that obviously weren’t intended to be accessed but were able to be. These have also been patched.

For the full patch notes, be sure to head on over to the announcement page via Reddit.

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