Modern Warfare Zombies Exterminator guide: How to complete a Spore Control Contract in under two minutes and 30 seconds

Modern Warfare Zombies Spore Control Under 2 Minutes And 30 Seconds
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I completed the Exterminator mission solo on my first try, so I’m equipped with the knowledge to help you through it. Though completing Exterminator is much easier with a squad, either way, here is how to complete a Spore Control Contract in under two minutes and 30 seconds.

How to complete Spore Control in under two minutes and 30 seconds in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Modern Warfare Zombies Spore Control Inhibitor
Image: PC Invasion

After finding and starting a Spore Control Contract, the first thing you’ll be guided to is a cache with four sets of two Inhibitors. Equip two, put the other six in your Rucksack, and start sprinting for the first spore. Pro tip: Speed Cola really helps with this mission, but it isn’t necessary.

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Modern Warfare Zombies Quickly Spore Control For Exterminator Mission
Image: PC Invasion

The goal is to throw two Inhibitors on two spores and start sprinting for the next two while equipping two more Inhibitors from your Rucksack. In my experience, most spores are clumped together by twos which makes placing Inhibitors and getting more from your Rucksack a bit easier. This is how I completed the Extermination mission easily solo, but if you have two extra squadmates, each of you can focus on two spores.

Once you have Inhibitors on all six spores, run back through all six spores starting at the beginning and shoot them until they are all destroyed. This is the best strategy because it takes a few precious seconds for the Inhibitors to expose the spores, seconds we don’t have. That’s why we deploy all six Inhibitors and then come back around for cleanup.

If you’ve completed the Spore Control Contract in time, you’ll see a Random Perk Power Up and see all objectives on your Extermination mission, except the exfil part, completed. Nice work!

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