Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) Frost Bite guide: How to freeze five Mimics

Modern Warfare Zombies Frost Bite Freeze Mimics
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The Frost Bite mission in Modern Warfare Zombies requires you to use the Frost Blast Field Upgrade to freeze 50 zombies and five Mimics. 50 zombies is fairly easy, but here’s how to freeze five Mimics in one run.

This mission gave me a really hard time for a long time. The zombies part is easy, but finding Mimics to use the Frost Blast Field Upgrade on five times was a struggle… until I figured out a simple solution.

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How to freeze 50 zombies with Frost Blast Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Modern Warfare Zombies Freeze 50 Zombies
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Where were we? Right, freezing zombies. The easiest way to freeze 50 zombies with the Frost Blast Field Upgrade is to go to an exfil point, call in the helicopter, and round up a horde of zombies by running around in a circle.

The tricky thing about the Frost Blast Field Upgrade is that it deploys directly where you’re standing and doesn’t last for a super long time. When you go to use Frost Blast, make sure you’re directly on top of your target. For the zombies, I suggest running directly into the horde and using the Frost Blast when you’re in the center to freeze the most zombies at once. Jugger-nog recommended.

How to freeze five Mimics with Frost Blast Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Usually, finding Mimics is challenging in Modern Warfare Zombies. I tried what I knew which is find a Mimic through an Elimination Contract. However, I discovered the hard way that Mimics found through Contract are immune to Frost Blast. Don’t know why or how, but that’s that.

I then remembered there are two Mimics in the Extraction mission. That method works, but then you have to play all of the Extraction mission which isn’t as fun the second time around.

Modern Warfare Zombies Where To Find Mimics
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Here’s the breakthrough: Mimics are commonly found in Threat Zone Two Infested Strongholds. In fact, I found two Mimics in one Infested Stronghold which helped me make a lot of progress through the Frost Bite mission quickly.

Thankfully, the Frost Blast Field Upgrade recharges fairly quickly — my trick here if you don’t have weapons strong enough for Threat Zone Two is to use a car to run over zombies. Getting kills is the only way to recharge your Field Upgrade and running enemies over counts.

Modern Warfare Zombies How To Find And Freeze Mimics
Image: PC Invasion

Get kills with vehicles and your weapons to recharge Frost Blast, use Frost Blast on the Mimics, and repeat until you’ve done that five times. The good thing about this mission is you can perform Frost Blast five times on one Mimic and it’ll work the same.

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