Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) Guardian Angel guide: How to heal Operators 20 times

Modern Warfare Zombies How To Complete Guardian Angel
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Guardian Angel was the mission that almost pushed me to stop playing Modern Warfare Zombies altogether because I deemed it too grindy. However, after doing this strategy I found, I completed Guardian Angel in one run.

How to heal Operators 20 times with Healing Aura Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

The first step to completing the Guardian Angel mission in Modern Warfare Zombies is to have the Healing Aura Field Upgrade, which unlocks at level 19, equipped. I was well past level 19 when I got the Guardian Angel mission, and I’m assuming you are too.

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Get a squad and get to an exfil point

Modern Warfare Zombies How To Get 20 Heals With Healing Aura
Image: PC Invasion

Next, you need to launch into Modern Warfare Zombies with Squad Fill enabled. This will automatically give you two squadmates upon starting up. As a solo player, I know the pain of playing with squadmates. But, for the Guardian Angel mission, this is necessary.

Once you’re in your match with two other players, persuade everyone to go to an exfil site — preferably the one with a bunch of other players already there. Everyone is grinding out weapon levels at exfil sites in MWZ, so it won’t be hard to find a spot with multiple Operators.

When there are Operators nearby, you can invite them to your squad. Although this step isn’t necessary, it’s good to do just to see the nearby Operators’ health and just in case the Operators at the exfil point leave to do something else since you can now communicate with them wherever they are.

Heal Operators

Now that you’re in a good position to grind the insane amount of zombies that appear at exfil sites and there are at least two or three Operators around, wait for your Healing Aura Field Upgrade to fill up, wait for your allies to lose health (keep your eye on their health in the bottom left corner), and use the Healing Aura while near your allies when their health drops.

I did this with two Operators nearby and somehow, I usually got three or four progress per use of Healing Aura. Make sure your nearby allies and yourself have taken some damage and you’ll beat Guardian Angel before you know it.

Pro tips to complete the MWZ Guardian Angel mission fast

Modern Warfare Zombies Full Power
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A few pro tips to keep in mind: the Guardian Angel mission counts when you heal yourself with Healing Aura, so take damage before deploying the heal. Also, the Healing Aura Field Upgrade has a decent range, but it’s not amazing. Make sure you’re nearby Operators are close together and you’re in the middle of them.

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It’s smart to pick up Full Power Power Ups, just make sure to use Healing Aura before you do. It’s not wise to use the Nuke Power Up because the only way to refill your Field Upgrade is to get kills. The Healing Aura Field Upgrade refills slowly, but it will refill quickly after mowing down a wave of zombies or two.

If you have a mic, or quickly want to turn on your PS5 controller mic like I do, it’s smart to communicate to your team what you need. Ask them if they can take a few hits of damage per exfil loop so you can earn more Guardian Angel progress.

As a final pro tip, if your squadmates are cool, have them gather together in a large circle. Throw a Thermite Grenade on the ground and everyone will take some damage. Use your Healing Aura Field Upgrade, and you’ll earn a lot of progress. Do whatever it takes.

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