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Back in 2013, developer Pocketwatch Games released Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine. The top-down co-op heist game was an instant hit and has gone on to receive ‘Very Positive’ reviews on Steam. Nine years later, and it’s back with the announcement that a Monaco sequel is in development.

The revealing teaser trailer shows off a little as to what we can expect. It features an exaggerated French accented voice-over, making it clear that the sequel won’t abandon the distinct nature of the original game. There’s an abundance of colorful visuals in the trailer, too, which is another defining feature of the previous installment.


But the same cannot be said of the art style. While the original adopted a 2D top-down perspective, Monaco 2 is a three-dimensional game. It uses procedurally generated 3D environments that promise to offer a balance of challenge and fun. And, as always with Monaco, your team’s ability to improvise will be just as important as their ability to plan.

The Monaco sequel is currently in the early stages of development. More details will come at a later date closer to launch. Speaking of its launch, neither a specific nor vague release date is provided in the trailer. Given this, fans should expect to wait a while before they get the opportunity to play Monaco 2. Although, if it’s as good as the first game, then that wait should be worthwhile.

Humble Games Showcase

The reveal of Monaco sequel was made as a part of the Humble Games Showcase, a games conference where publisher Humble Games shows off what titles it currently has in the works.

Monaco 2 wasn’t the only game announced, of course. Other games include Coral Island, an upcoming farming sim in the vein of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. The showcase also announced Moonscars, a dark Metroidvania developed by Black Mermaid.

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