Salem: The Crafting MMO is still in a beta phase, but publishers Paradox have today announced that more people will be welcome on its new world shores in the coming days. Two new servers are opening up, which means more beta keys being handed out and more visitors to the dangerous virtual New England portrayed by the game.

For those who are unaware, Salem defines itself as “17th century living in a world filled with alchemy, witchcraft, and permadeath,” which, if nothing else, is somewhat different to your usual MMO synopsis.

If that sounds like an interesting way to while away some hours, you should keep an eye on this page for a beta key. At the time of writing keys seem to be out, but with a countdown promising more in just under five hours time.

Paradox has also stated that it’ll be livestreaming some Salem action on 8 November, beginning at 11am Pacific Time (7pm for the UK). You’ll be able to stream that presentation through Paradox’s Twitch TV channel.

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