More Guild Wars 2 November Lost Shores event details

The Lost Shores November update for Guild Wars 2 gets underway in 15 November and more details of the content update have been released today.

As well as the massive ‘event’ that will change Tyria forever, a new foe called the Karka are rising from the depths and the heroes of Tyria will have to stop them in their tracks. There is also a  new PvP map set within  a Kodan dojo, new gear which includes weapons, item enhancements, a new tier of items called Ascended which are set between Exotic and Legendary, and a new resource which brings 200 new recipes to the game for crafters.

Finally there is a new dungeon called the Fractals of the Mist which is a combination of nine smaller dungeons which players take on three at time before continuing. The dungeons also get progressively difficult with special boss encounters every time the difficulty hits an even number (thanks Massively).

A quick reminder that today the players can invite up to three friends to take part in the this special event as part of a free trial which runs between 15-18 November.

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