More info on new Hitman game this year, says IO


IO Interactive have been awfully quiet about the new Hitman game, but it sounds like it’ll be breaking cover and revealing itself before long.

Earlier today, the official Twitter channel responded to someone asking when the next game is due:

Which is pretty much the most we’ve heard about Hitman since a May 2014 denial that the game would be showing up at E3 2014.

What we know is this: it’s set at the height of 47’s career. You travel the globe murdering lots of people with lots of tools in lots of exotic locations. It’ll have the largest locations in any game yet, with open, non-linear design. It’ll apparently take inspiration from Contracts and Blood Money, and will use what the team learned from Absolution. Contracts mode will be returning, and 47 no longer has magic pockets. Also, it’s apparently set in Central Europe… although considering they’ve also mentioned globe-trotting, maybe only part of it is set there? No idea.

All of which sounds pretty decent, honestly. Considering how much I disliked Hitman Absolution (which proved to be rather divisive, as Peter didn’t hate it) I’m wary of being overly hopeful, but… well, they’re making the right noises. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it, anyway.

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